Le Glattier

From the top of Chaudanne chairlift, it is possible to go off-piste towards Chevril Lake. This descent takes place in front of the lake of chevril and its bluish waters, striking contrast with the very white mountain around. In this exceptional setting skiers and snowboarders who will go through this route will be tempted to take pictures because it feels like you’re just sliding over the water …

To take advantage of the descent it is necessary to make the best use of the relief of this valley, sometimes concealed in its central sections. Once at the bottom of the valley we come to the Glattier tunnel. Climb down the tunnel cautiously (high step to get to the road) then join the road and the bus stop. The return to Tignes is done with the Tignes Le Lac to Tignes – Les Boisses shuttle.

Departure from Chaudanne chairlift:

2430m above sea level
Arrival at the edge of the road at the Glattier tunnel. 1960m. altitude
Altitude difference: 470m.
Level advanced to expert