Access to the couloirs of Chardonnet requires a rather short walk but steep enough that it is advisable to do with the skis on the backpack. Once ready to go, there are several couloirs more or less steep and narrow waiting for fans of skiing and snowboard off-piste. The general shape of the Chardonnet area is a large, rather east-facing bowl that is filled with snow every time there is a storm. Called Chardonnet bowl by the English, because of its characteristic shape, this area is the ideal place for those who want to practice skiing in a more freeride style. On the bottom of the descent we reach the Chardonnet Lake and the Grand Huit chairlift with a few sticks …

Departure from the top of the Grattalu chairlift:

2800m. altitude.
Arrival in Tignes at Tignes Le Lac: 2050m. altitude.
Altitude difference: 750m.
Advanced and expert level slope at 40 ° C.