Tour du Charvet

From the top of the chairlift Grand Pré located in the area of ​​Bellevarde Val d’Isère, a good walk awaits fans of skiing or snowboard off-piste equipped with safety equipment off-piste, DVA, shovel and probe. Indeed, from the top of the chairlift, just slide straight, full south, until you find at the end of the long and wide flat a slope a little steeper. Below, after reaching the river, you must not forget to get out of the river bed (rather to the right) before reaching the sometimes-icy waterfalls located at 2300m. altitude. Further down the route joins again the bed of the river to finish in a canyon dug by the water in a beautiful orange rock of the most aesthetic.

Departure from the top of the Grand Pré chairlift: 2740m above sea level.
Arrival at Le Mancher Express chairlift: 1920m altitude.
Difference in altitude: 820m.
Intermediate and advanced level.

Ideal for lovers of off-piste skiing, be aware of a rather long flat on the way out for snowboarders.

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