(Français) Grand Vallon

A classic off-piste skiing route in Val d’Isere. From the top of the Signal ski lifts on the Fornet sector, jump right into the Grand Vallon slopes. Rather reserved for skiers because of the steep slope of the ski lift which discourages many snowboarders this itinerary which includes many variants, take you all the way down to the shore of Isere river. Mostly north facing aspect with north-east and north-west facing options on the outskirt of the gigantic valley.

Departure from the top of the ski lifts of Signal: 2920m of altitude.
Arrival at the edge of Isère at the departure of the cable car of Fornet: 1920m.
Altitude difference: 1000m.
Intermediate and advanced level.

Ideal for off-piste skiers and hard to reach for snowboarders because of the steep ski lift.

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