Col Perse

On the Iseran glacier, take the Montet ski lift to reach the start of the long traversing to reach the obvious Col Perse. Usually it is easy to stay in the middle of the valley before reaching the altitude of 2700m. where you must merge to the left  in order to reach a flat section known as the Grand Torsaï and thus switch full north to reach the bridge Sainte Charles still some 700m. lower. It is imperative to inquiry to the ski patrol before considering going down to the gorges of Malpasset which may be impassable.

Departure from the top of the Montet ski lift: 3240m above sea level.
Arrival at the Fornet cable car: 1920m altitude.
Altitude difference: 1320m.
Intermediate and advanced level.

Ideal for off-piste skiers and less interesting for snowboarders because of the long and hard-to-keep traversing.

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