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5th February 2013 - "I just wanted to say that I'm really delighted with Alex as an instructor. I feel he has trodden (perhaps it's more accurate to say skied) superbly the delicate line between making sure we are safe and pushing us to develop. We've skied in places we would never otherwise have discovered. He's also a good laugh."


Cheers, Joanna.






24th April 2012 - "We are a family of four, two adults and two children (aged six and four years).  We went skiing to Sainte Foy with another family of four (children aged seven and five years) in term time for one week.


Three of the children had ski lessons.  Rather than put them into the ESF Ski School we decided to get them private lessons with Snocool (, primarily so that the adults could ski more in the morning as we determined how long the lesson was.


However, we were so pleased that we did – the instructor was a fluent English speaker, the tuition was excellent and, as there was only three of them, really intensive.  The instructor developed their individual potential, rather than just trying to get the whole class to a set standard, so by day two they were happily skiing blue runs."


Thanks so much, Cathy.






18th March 2012 - “Fred is a natural teacher with good communication skills and a great personality. He spent a lot of time teaching, including some on-piste training to refine our skills. He also understands the psychology of skiing and the way people deal with the challenge, able to encourage and correct at the appropriate time.”


Many thanks, Chris. (Sales manager of Ski Club Fresh Tracks)